Start a Summer Book List!

hammockThis summer, my family is experimenting with having no cable television. We have Netflix (We’re not savages!) but we are hoping that this will be an extension of our past tradition of taking one week with no television every summer.  Nothing. Not the local news, not sports, no television watching whatsoever. Instead of banning all television for one week, we are instead, becoming more deliberate in our media consumption and only watching things that we set out to watch at a specific time. For instance, we are currently hooked on the BBC drama, “Sherlock.”  It has become our Sunday night routine to clean up after dinner and then settle in to a see what kind of mysteries and riddles Sherlock and John Watson are unwinding this week! (Luckily for us, we came late to the party, as this show just wrapped it’s 3rd season and we haven’t even finished watching the first season yet!)

So with all of this new-found free time, I have been relishing the idea of catching up on my reading.  Summer always affords me more time to read since we don’t homeschool over the summer months and there is something magical about whiling away an entire evening on the back porch, lost in a good book.  Ahhh, I can almost hear the crickets now!

Here’s just some of what I’ll be reading this summer! (Spoiler alert: I prefer non-fiction, so I’ll apologize in advance for the utter lack of anything by Nicholas Sparks!)

1. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

2. Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

3. Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young

4. Last Child In the Woods by Richard Louv

5. The Third Plate by Dan Barber


What will you be reading this summer?

Random Weirdness from the World of Science



Recently, I heard an interview with a scientist who has been researching aging and how to reverse the aging process in mice.  I lovingly refer to this as “The Vampire” theory, because it is based on the premise that aging can be slowed, or even reversed, by transferring blood from young mice into older, genetically identical mice.  I just can’t stop thinking about whether or not this is why vampires, in books and movies, always targeted the young, hip set? You never saw Edward Cullen skulking around outside the nursing homes! Just sayin’!