Passion Project

Hello! Would you like someone to keep your kid busy during the day now that schools are closed, give them accountability and help them learn something in the process? I am launching a new class where kids can spend this time out of school working on a passion project. What’s a passion project? It’s an opportunity for your child to work on something that they really care about – start a business, explore a hobby, write a musical – while also learning a TON! Google’s Paul Buchheit famously came up with Gmail (yeah, THAT Gmail) through, you guessed it, a passion project!

(Want to know a little more? Check out my previous blog post about these projects (aka Genius Hour) to see how it works.

I will meet with kids weekly through Facetime or Google, to help them stay motivated, keep them accountable and squeeze every learning opportunity from this time! Some printables will be provided, but won’t be necessary.  The class will wrap-up with a 3-5 minute video presentation showing off what they learned, made, or accomplished!

I am charging only $25/child for this impromptu class to keep it accessible for everyone!

Interested? Got Questions? Email me @ (Thanks Paul!)

Deadline for registration is Thursday, March 26th! 

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