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Fun Facts Math Keypad

Any chance I get to jazz up the same old math facts, I take it! Writing out math facts on windows or mirrors with glass pens? Check! Beads and LEGOS? Absolutely! UNO cards? Have we met???  This easy-to-make keypad can…

Spelling Squiggles!

This week, I have been sharing all sorts of literacy sites and resources under the “Home-based Learning” tab.  I wanted to take a minute and share one of my favorite spelling practice activities with you: the spelling squiggle! Spelling Squiggles…

Simple Schoolwork Modifications or Adaptations to Help Children with Special Needs During School Closures

The US Department of Education released a new fact sheet (Read it HERE) on March 21st providing clarification on whether schools should wait until special access for students with disabilities can be arranged before attempting to provide online instruction or…


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