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I created this space to serve as a resource for parents dealing with the sudden closing of schools in response to COVID19. Rest assured though, these materials will remain available and can be used anytime! My goal is to add new content each day so you always have fresh ideas to keep kids curious, engaged and learning.

Two caveats before we get into the good stuff:

  1. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RECREATE A SCHOOL AT HOME. Especially when things change quickly and your child may not be returning to school any time soon, it is important for your child’s home to remain HOME. Every child needs a safe place to relax, so please don’t feel pressure (or pressure your child) to adopt a new, rigid routine and start doing “school” at home. It is far better to adapt to your existing routines and create opportunities to learn within that framework.
  2. YOU CAN NOT TEACH A MAN HOW TO KNIT IN A FOXHOLE. I use this saying a lot when I talk to parents because it illustrates the point well that we can not be expected to learn anything new if we are in a state of panic or alarm. Especially in times like these, we need to remember to be calm so our children can be calm. If we are rushing around trying to buy all of the toilet paper and Campbell’s soup, how is that letting our kiddos know that they can relax and focus on school work? If your school has provided you with packets or on-line materials to complete during this break, try playing soft music while kids are working on school work. Have kids doing activities that are play-like, but also rich in learning opportunities! Games, puzzles, and interactive stories not only help us learn better, but also relieve stress or anxiety. Lastly, give kids the time to just relax and have unstructured play! Let them sleep-in or stay-up late occasionally. Give them time to adapt to this temporary “new normal.” Before you know it, you’ll be back to the old routine and wishing you had more time with them again!



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